The Networked
Supply Chain

Today’s market demands a different kind of supply chain. Market disruptions are all the more common, requiring a new level of resiliency and speed. Consumer demand for transparency around product sourcing and sustainable practices necessitate greater communication and collaboration across all partners in the supply chain ecosystem.

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Traditional Supply
Chain (Before)
Networked Supply
Chain (After)
EfficiencyManual, untimelyAutomated, timely
SustainabilityAd hocEnterprise driven
CollaborationMinimal, adjacent partnersBroad, ecosystem-wide
TrustBlindData-driven, verified

What We Do

SpotLite360 captures real-time asset data via IoT, mobile and RFID and provides the reporting, analytics and collaboration tools that our customers need to transform to a Networked Supply Chain. Click through the touchpoints below to see how we work.

Farm Goods Tracking

1 Farmer records harvest time and place via SpotLite360 mobile app.

2 RFiD scanned with SpotLite360 mobile app to record possession transfers.

Warehouse Logistics

3 Inventory is traced through processing plant with SpotLite360 sensors.

4 Retailer receives proof of claims and QC checks from SpotLite360 Keychain.

Warehouse Logistics

5 Client and partners use SpotLite360 Control Tower for an end-to-end view, reporting and analytics to drive improvement with.

Consumer Goods Tracking

6 Consumer accesses product history presented by SpotLite360 via QR code on package.


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Reporting &


and Efficiency

Today’s consumers want sustainable, responsibly-manufactured products. Providing your brand information they require, such as product origin, proof of sustainable practices and claims validation, can be expensive – or impossible – if you aren’t collecting the right, product-level data and automating your reporting.

SpotLite360 Keychain captures real-time data at all critical points in your supply chain so you can give consumers, retailers and any other stakeholder the information they need to choose your brand. SpotLite360 designs and installs RFID, IoT and Mobile on-site data capture systems, customized to your business needs. The SpotLite360 analytics platform aggregates and stores your data so you can easily deliver product-level information to your consumers, retailers and other stakeholders.

Reporting demands on supply chains continues to grow. Regulatory compliance is more complicated than ever. New ESG reporting demands mean more time and work collecting, analyzing and reporting your supply chain activity. And the cost of non-compliance is growing, both from regulators and consumers demanding positive ESG activities.

SpotLite360 automates data collection, closing information gaps and reducing the time and labor needed to chase down information. SpotLite360 automates your reporting with templates and data aggregation, saving time and money. The SpotLite360 Control Tower platform provides alerts and analyses so you are notified of problems before they happen and can make real-time adjustments.

You and your supply chain ecosystem partners share a goal of driving a more efficient, sustainable and resilient supply chain ecosystem. But more than half of all companies don’t have the visibility, tools and relationships they need to fully capitalize on all performance improvement opportunities.

SpotLite360 Keychain is a safe and secure data sharing and collaboration platform that empowers customers to work together to identify opportunities, quickly act, and measure the results. SpotLite360 becomes a verified single source of truth, engendering partner trust and minimizing discrepancies and disputes.

Supply chain disruptions are becoming all the more common. According to McKinsey, companies should anticipate a 2+ month supply chain disruption every 3.5 years. It may be a supply shortage, political disruption, transportation issue, weather or a pandemic. Without complete, real time data on your inventory and other assets, and control tower analytics to identify issues in a timely manner, you may not be able quickly respond and adjust.

SpotLite360 makes you more resilient to disruption. You get the data and analytics you need to quickly react and minimize any negative business impact. SpotLite360’s tracking and tracing solutions use IoT, RFID, mobile and other data collection technologies to provide better real-time, granular data on your processes and assets. Collaboration tools and partner data sharing add upstream and downstream activity so you and your partners can more easily work together to overcome issues. SpotLite360’s analytic platform helps you better forecast demand and assess your ability to meet demand and keep your supply chain operations up and running.

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SpotLite360 offers the most comprehensive and scalable solution, customized to your needs.

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Real time & granular dataYesMaybeYes
Control Tower analyticsYesNoYes
Safe, secure collaboration toolsYesNoMaybe
Purpose-built ESG solutionsYesNoNo
Enterprise scalabilityYesDifficultMaybe
Hardware agnosticYesMaybeNo
Easy systems integrationYesNoMaybe
Expert advise & consultingYesNoMaybe
Cost effectiveYesNoNo
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