We are focused on helping companies evolve their digital supply chains

Digital Supply Chain

• Cross-company business intelligence
• Complete supply chain optimization
• Partner collaboration & accountability
• Responsive
• Efficient
• Effective
• Trusted

Timely, Accurate Data and Visibility Throughout the Supply Chain Ecosystem

SpotLite360’s supply chain platform provides event-driven “right”-time, accurate information and meaningful business intelligence to drive operational efficiency.Integration with blockchain creates trust across the digital supply chain ecosystem and facilitates collaboration across all supply chain partners.

"Always on Agility"

Securely, DSNs pull together traditonal data sets with new data sets that are, for example:

  • Sensor Based
  • Location Based
  • "Right-time" vs. "real time"

Connected Community

Real-time, seamless, multimodal communication and collaboration across the value network with:

  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • Customers

Intelligent Optimization

A closed loop of learning is created by combining:

  • Humans
  • Machines
  • Data-driven analytics
  • Predictive insights
  • Proactive Action

End-to-End Transparency

Use of sensors and location-based services provides:

  • Material flow tracking
  • Schedule synchronization
  • Balance of supply and demand
  • Financial Benefits

Holistic Determination

Based on contextually relevant information, silos are now deliver parallel visibility, eg:

  • Performance optimization
  • Financial objectives
  • Trade-offs
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