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A ‘SpotLite’ strategy focused on supply chain optimization across the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Agriculture industries.

The Spotlite guarantee ensures delivery quantity, time, quality, and authenticity. Proactively notify customers of anticipated disruptions, delays and recalls. Control cost and resource consumption. Identify and reduce loss, theft, shrinkage and substitution.


More than $1 Billion in drug theft and $236 Billion in counterfeit drugs annually, 25% of vaccine damages in transit and 20% temperature sensitive perish.

Regulatory authorities are mandating trace and track systems to maintain the provenance of drugs. IOT and Blockchain can work together to communicate and manage timely and secure data between untrusted parties.


Ethical processes are essential to trace products and limit patient liability.
Opportunities are emerging rapidly within the Healthcare Industry.

Enable chain of possession of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Healthcare organizations can trace products to: ensure authenticity prevent tampering monitor environmental conditions identify careless handling A secure, immutable forensic trail is made possible by combining IoT and Blockchain. 68% of medical group managers are looking to implement blockchain solutions.


"Data is the new fertilizer in agriculture" [Source: Mouhsine Lakhdissi, Agridata Consulting]

• The FDA has proposing new traceability rules on critical tracking supply chain activities
• Lack of visibility allows opportunities for product tampering and theft
• 68% of consumers will pay more for products that are produced ethically and responsibly
• As much as 60% of all food produced is wasted and never makes it to the consumer ($1 trillion)
• Food-borne pathogens costs consumers $55.5 billion per year
• Food fraud costs the industry $40 billion annually

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