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For the information and reporting demands of today’s supply chain managers

For today’s supply chain managers, process improvement, automation and sustainability are mission critical. Information and reporting demands are ever increasing, and leaders struggle to put all the data at their disposal to use.

SpotLite360’s web-based Keychain platform becomes our customers’ central Control Tower for all internal processes by aggregating and analyzing IoT data auto generated through the supply chain. KeyChain also enables safe and secure data sharing and collaboration across different partners, customers and suppliers.

SpotLite360 Benefits

  • Reduce costs by identifying efficiency and process improvement opportunities
  • Improve customer loyalty through transparency, claims verification and reporting
  • Increase partner collaboration across the entire supply chain ecosystem with safe and secure data sharing tools
  • Raise data accuracy with automated collection, tracing and tracking
  • Meet sustainability and regulatory reporting requirements with more granular data. Reduce the need for third party audits

SpotLite360 Pharmaceuticals Clients Include

“There are literally endless possibilities in what SpotLite360 can do.” – Client Name, Company

What We Do

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SpotLite360 consultants work with the customer to design and install a customized tracing and tracking systems using the most appropriate IoT technologies from our supplier network.

SpotLite360 IoT systems capture asset location, movement and condition at all points though the supply chain, from farm to retail at the item level. The data is centrally collected in Keychain where customers can view to insure quality standards are met

Work with partners throughout your supply chain network to build resiliency and lower the impact of disruptions, wherever they may occur.  Safely and securely share data through the SpotLite360 platform to give your customers the transparency they demand into your products.

SpotLite360’s Keychain platform aggregates data captured through IoT and uses predictive analytics and machine learning to identify process bottlenecks, inefficiencies and waste reduction opportunities.

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