Farm Goods Tracking

Real time transparency into all steps of food production

30-40% of all food produced in the US is wasted. That comes out to 103 million tons, or the greenhouse gas equivalent of 37 million cars!  At the same time, consumers, shareholders, regulators and customers are all demanding greater insight into their food’s origin, journey through the supply chain, and package claims.  Manufacturers face increasing pressure to reduce waste and provide greater transparency while maintaining their high quality standards.

SpotLite360 helps food companies reduce waste, operate more efficiently, and meet their sustainability and other ESG objectives.  SpotLite360 track and trace systems provide real time transparency into all steps of food production, from source to table.  Our predictive analytics platform helps leaders identify issues and drive process improvement.  SpotLite360 collaboration tools connect entire supply chain ecosystems so partners can better work together to achieve mutual operating goals.

Consumer Goods Tracking

SpotLite360 Benefits

  • Increase production and process transparency with real time, automated tracing and tracking of shipments, inventory, returnable and field assets.
  • Find operating efficiencies in your plants and throughout the supply chain ecosystem
  • Automate and speed regulatory, sustainability and investor reporting to satisfy ESG demands
  • Automate mandated financial and regulatory audits
  • Use SpotLite360 as the system of record for transfers and transactions to reduce invoice disputes and resolution costs
  • Provide consumers with the product origin and other information they demand

SpotLite360 Agriculture Clients Include

“We were at 80% accuracy before. Now that we are using SpotLite360 we are at 99.9%.” – Client Name, Company

What We Do

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SpotLite360 consultants work with the customer to design and install a customized tracing and tracking systems using the most appropriate IoT technologies from our supplier network.

SpotLite360 IoT systems capture asset location, movement and condition at all points though the supply chain, from farm to retail at the item level. The data is centrally collected in Keychain where customers can view to insure quality standards are met.

Suppliers record through SpotLite360 data about their goods, such as variety, harvest date and location. SpotLite360 creates an unalterable record using blockchain technology. Customers and consumers can view this verified record which serves as proof of origin, claims and quality.

SpotLite360’s Keychain platform aggregates data captured through IoT and uses predictive analytics and machine learning to identify process bottlenecks, inefficiencies and waste reduction opportunities.

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